KaVii Adhesive

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Problem : Double tape and regular tape is a 1 time use, and it's not strong enough?

Clear transparent Adhesive Gel Pads to stick and secure anything unto everything, Rewashable and reusable more than 100 times.

KaVii Functions:

Original KaVii Ver.1 :

Size 1.89" x 1.89" x 0.08"

KaVii Ver.2 :

Size is 2.96" x 2.56" x 0.12"

  • Sticking your tablet on the wall while you watch your favorite show

  • Sticking your smartphone to any flat surfaces to take a group picture so nobody felt left out :)

  • Do video conference with friends and loved one, Hands-free!

  • Make your own Time lapse video with your smartphone.

  • Make an extra room for your table by sticking all your important stuff on the wall, like USB card, charging cable, external battery and more.

  • Best dashboard car mount in the world, will not melt under high sun heat. Easy to put and easy to take off.

  • A new tool to put up your poster on the wall without the need to worry about making any hole or destroying your paint.

  • Secure any object to its place so you don't need to worry it will fall (Action figure, toy, vase and more)











Go Pro 1
Key with phone
Poster 3
Cable + USB
Car Electronics
Wall of KaVii
Video conference
Sun roof time lapse
Stick KaVii
Phone + Anything
Car Trinkets

Rewashable and reusable for so many times!

  1. ​Take off

  2. Wash with water

  3. Air dry

  4. Reuse

Rewashable and reusable sticky pads