Le' Cook

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Le’ Cook is a one piece design Silicone Spoonula with a “HOOK”

Problem : Where to put your cooking spatula when you want to spice up your dish?

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BPA Free
Dishwasher safe

What makes Le’ Cook different from all other Spoonulas out there is our 'L' shape hook (Patent Pending) that we designed to help you have an easier time to rest and hang your Spoonula on the edge of your frying pan while you’re cooking, so you don't need to get confused where to rest your spoonula when it's time to flavor your dishes.


Lightweight Nylon core is easy to use for any simple cooking styleLe' cook was made with the the highest quality of Silicone, which is platinum cure silicone. Silicone was developed for its superior reliability, long life, and extreme temperature adaptability and stability. 


Jhon Mulim

Creator and designer

© 2015 Product of Rintik

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